The sexual revolution is not over.

The taboo about women’s sexual pleasure has kept us from open conversation for too long.

It has kept the world from understanding that different women like very different things.

It has kept women from realizing how they attain sexual pleasure. 

It has kept sexual partners from approaching pleasure as something to figure out together.

It has caused shame, lack of confidence, and disconnection from ourselves and our partners.


That same taboo has kept us from acknowledging that the truth of sexual pleasure is nuanced, varied, and by its nature, very explicit. We will not let cultural taboo keep us from being truthful. This means that as we share women’s personal narratives in the our videos, we’re choosing to include real-life photographic video of real women and real vulvas.

We are also resisting the temptation to take on every issue at once. We're throwing one dart very hard at a very big problem.  While there's a LOT more to sex than discovering and communicating about women's genital touch, we're not going to divide this effort among many agendas.  By avoiding educational jargon, we believe we can share these true stories with people who really need it. 

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