The following are statements from women who have shared their stories on camera for OMGyes   

"It was a big meaningful and freeing experience for me. It feels like something I really really really truly did for me, for doing what I believe is right, no matter what the people around me might say. It was something where I didn't let any worries or doubts stop me, but where I could connect to my breath and body, check in with myself and see: YES! This is exactly it. I so 1000% believe in this. Even though I didn't know any of you, or what I was really getting myself into. But from the website, your emails, our Skypes, my everything in my body was saying: GO!"


"Working with you was a complete blast! I felt so at home and comfortable. Thank you for the food and drinks. The hotel was nice, the travel was easy and getting to know all of you is a memory I will always cherish. You are lifelong friends as far as I am concerned. I have been telling every woman in my circle about my experience and I highly recommend it every chance. I feel so free since the experience. I love the idea of helping other women in their sexual journey, but the experience helped me so much in mine. For that I am grateful. Thank you for being so supportive during the process and making it really easy to be myself. I love you guys!"

"The team was relaxed, positive, and open minded. It was great that we could nibble and drink through the day too (small thing but being hungry is a major boner killer ha!) Having hair and make up support throughout the day took all the worry out of making sure I looked good...another small thing that made a huge difference. The atmosphere was the most important aspect and I felt it was spot on. Being part of the project was an honour. OMGyes is so important and the day itself was honestly one of the best days of my life. Empowering, fun and pivotal."

Any questions at all, contact mikayla@omgyes.com