Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the purpose of your project?


A: Our mission is to break down the taboo on women’s pleasure -- to make it a topic that people feel comfortable exploring for themselves and talking about with their partners. We want everyone to understand how different each woman is from the next, and to understand the importance of communication in a fulfilling intimate encounter.

We're accomplishing this with continuing scientific research on the specifics of women's pleasure in partnership with researchers at Indiana University and The Kinsey Institute.  The findings are brought to life with real people sharing their true experiences, insights, and stories accompanying the statistics and visualizations. These all end up on OMGyes.com.


Q: Who is the intended audience? 

A: OMGyes.com is of interest to women, and to those whose sexual partners are women.  You can read some reactions to the site here from Marie Claire or here from The Guardian.


Q: Who are you looking for to participate in your videos? What are your casting criteria?

A: We’re looking for women aged 21-99 who are interested in sharing their stories about the pleasure derived from toys. The most important thing to us is that you’re excited to share your experiences and that you feel comfortable doing so in a videotaped setting. We’re trying to ensure that we share a wide variety of experiences and preferred techniques for increasing pleasure -- we are interested in hearing from women of ALL ages, shapes, sizes, colors, orientations, and ethnicities excited about sharing their stories!

Q: Why is this content explicit?  Why not just explain these things, why show them?

A: Great question. The taboo that makes people uncomfortable seeing women’s anatomy is the same one that has kept women’s pleasure so secret for so long. That’s the taboo we’re trying to get rid of. We think people are ready for an honest, clear-headed look at the details that make all the difference.

Subtle variations in pressure or angle or consistency actually feel really different. What one woman calls a ‘circular motion on the clit’ could actually hurt for another woman who also likes a ‘circular motion on the clit.’ You really do have to get up close and actually see what the variations are - and why they feel so different.

Q: Why isn't the OMGyes site free?


A: The big institutions that give grants won’t go near a project about women’s pleasure—which is unfortunate. So, to keep the project going, we have to charge for it.  Our business model is quite generous, though. There are no subscriptions of any kind - you pay the cost of a hardcover book and have permanent access to all the materials.  This was a compromise between our desire to get the information to lots of people who need it, and to fund future research and production.

The videos and assets are given for free to University sexual assault resistance programs and sexual health classes and educators.  And the results of the studies are peer-reviewed and were presented at Meeting for the International Society for the Study of Women's Sexual Health.

Any questions at all, contact mikayla@omgyes.com