The process

So how would this work? 

Step 1:

Submit your details on the apply page. We review all the applications we receive to see who we think may be a good fit for our site.


Step 2:

If we think you may be a good fit for our Toys season, we will email you to set up a short one on one Skype or Facetime interview (10 minutes). It is just to get to know you a little better. We record this interview to share with other members of OMGyes team.


Step 3:

If after a short call we think we can move forward, we will send you a longer survey asking in more detail about your favorite techniques with toys. You will be compensated for time spent working on this survey.


Step 4:

After reviewing your responses to the longer survey, we schedule a second Skype/Facetime call with you to be interviewed by our larger team (~5 people). If after this second interview we (OMGYes and you!) feel that it is a good fit, we ask you to be a member of our Season 3 cast!


Step 5:

We work with you to find a time you can come to California to shoot for (usually) one (usually) long day. All travel expenses are paid in addition to a $1000 day rate per day of shooting.

What is a day on set like?

The shoot is much like our video chats – think juicy, detailed, first person narrative about your favorite techniques, how you discovered them, and what makes them so wonderful– the main difference is we have cameras rolling! Also hair and makeup so you look your best and a mountain of snacks. We interview you about your techniques and ask you to demonstrate them on your own body so that women and partners using the site can learn from your wisdom. The day is a transformative one for all of us– we laugh and we cry. No kidding.


Sample Schedule:

5:30a-7:30: Hair and Makeup

7:30-8a: Breakfast

8:30a-1p:  Interview (with lots of breaks!)

1p-2p: Lunch

2p-8p Light and shoot demo+ B-roll

Any questions at all, contact