Why I chose to be on OMGyes.com:

Any questions at all, contact mikayla@omgyes.com


There's a lot of curiosity about sex, so why is it so hard to find realistic and detailed portrayals of how women actually like to be touched?

This information is too important to be hidden by taboo and distorted by pornography.

We're setting the record straight.

Who we're looking for: confident, diverse, everyday women of all kinds, who will be very comfortable being interviewed on camera about the techniques they love with sex toys and demonstrating on their own bodies.  Ages 21-99.

In addition to being part of a great cause, you receive $1000 for a one-day interview and shoot. Plus a flight to San Francisco and a nice hotel room for your stay.

Who we are: A small team of sex-positive feminist researchers and media makers who conduct scientific research in partnership with Indiana University and The Kinsey Institute - and showcase the findings on a welcoming, personal website, OMGyes.com

This round of research and content is specifically about TOYS, which are wonderful, but don't come with directions.  And the silence around pleasure is keeping people from knowing the specific ways they can use toys for pleasure.